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Featured Case Study - Vivint

Vivint improves velocity and certainty of agent training through Intraday Task Management

Vivint, a leading home services company in North America, is using Intradiem’s Intraday Task Management solution to leverage unproductive idle time in its contact centre to deploy additional training and coaching to agents so that they are better equipped to deliver the highest level of customer service. A key challenge for Vivint’s agents is the multiple products and programs they must support.

Intradiem’s solution enables Vivint to find extra time to deliver the critical training, communications and coaching agents need to handle the company’s various product offerings and rapid release schedule – all while maintaining service level commitments and without the need to incur additional headcount.
Since using Intradiem, Vivint has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of training delivered to agents. Within the first five days of using Intradiem, Vivint was able to deliver 2,400 training and coaching sessions to 400 agents, with each agent receiving six sessions in five days, all during idle time. Previously, Vivint’s agents typically received one training session per week.

“Before using RightTime, it was extremely difficult for us to deliver the amount of training and coaching our agents require to provide our customer base with the highest level of service,”

Tim Izatt, Director of Customer Service

Use of Intradiem has increased every month since. In April alone, Vivint recovered around four hours of idle time per agent to complete 4,000 tasks and deliver 12,000 training sessions outside of the existing schedule. Enabled by this increased volume and frequency of training, average call handling time has also decreased by 5 percent and Vivent has seen dramatic increases in its "fixed on the phone" metric, which measures the agent’s ability to address the caller’s issues during the initial conversation.
Prior to the implementation, Vivint's agents typically received one training session per week, and it was hard to tell which agents had completed particular sessions. All new hires were segmented out for training, and the rest of the session was filled in with "anyone we could [take] off of the phone during overstaffed periods," recalls Tim Izatt, Vivint's Director of Customer Service.

" was extremely difficult for us to deliver the amount of training and coaching our agents require," he says. "We spent a lot of time worrying about how we'd get everybody off the phone for training, how we'd get the information to them."

“Now, because RightTime is able to dynamically respond to call volume, we are able to use what was unproductive time between customer calls to provide agents with the information they need to be more effective. The level of content we are able to deliver to agents is more in line with the complexity of our products, which ultimately translates to more efficient and higher quality customer interactions.”

Tim Izatt, Director of Customer Service

Intradiem offers dynamic monitoring of call volumes and service levels to find and defragment idle time. Task indexing and management enables call centre managers compile a library of tasks to be completed, tag them for certain metrics, and prioritise the agents to handle them.

Now Vivint can take what was unproductive time to offer agents the information they need to be more effective. "We provide lots of performance-based refresher training, product-specific training, company and team communications, and call recording reviews. Agents are selected for training based on business type and current pain point areas," says Izatt. "The level of content we are able to deliver to agents is more in line with the complexity of our products, which...translates to more efficient and higher-quality customer interactions."

The benefits go beyond that, though. "Our agents are more highly utilised, but they're not tapped out," he states. "We have a performance-based pay scale, and people quickly realised that this tool helped them increase their pay." Izatt says the implementation went off without a hitch, largely because Vivint's executive team quickly came to see "the value this tool could bring. "Bringing in the executive team or all of the key stakeholders early in the process helps when implementing these programs," he suggests.
About Intradiem: Formerly Knowlagent, is the leader in intraday management solutions for contact centres. Intradiem increases agent performance and productivity by making idle time useful, enabling agents to work on personalised and prioritised activity queues of training, coaching, communication and other off-phone activities.

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